Coaching is a self reflection and action oriented process that helps you understand who you are, what you really want and what is stopping you to live the life to your true potential. It believes that you are your life's expert and all answers lie within us. Coaching helps bring you closer to your inner voice and authentic self.  Once you have clarity in your thought process and trust your inner voice, you start living to the fullest. You operate with your strengths, empower your passion and create a life you have always dreamt of. You no longer put a mask on and have a laser focussed vision of your goals and work effortlessly to chase your dreams.

As a coach, I will inspire you to dream beyond mediocrity, challenge your inner critic and explore your passion and purpose. I will work with you to overcome inner blocks that is stopping you to shine, create a roadmap for success and walk with you to turn your dreams into reality. Coming from an engineering background, I follow a no BS approach and my methodology combines analytical skills with non judgemental and visionary attitude of a coach. Know more about me.

It is not what you think that holds you back, it is what you think you are not
— Denise Whitley


Do you wake up in the morning with no sense of purpose and feel disconnected to yourself. Do you wish to create a life that is fulfilling and successful. Do you want to make a transition in your life but are clueless how to start and fear the unknown.

Congratulations on acknowledging your feelings and having the nerves to challenge the inner status quo. Coaching helps in your journey of self discovery and living a mindful and prosperous life, being true to yourself without any peer pressure. Coaching helps you take your life to the next level and become more accomplished. It helps you get over "I am not good enough"  feeling and exhibit radiance and confidence. You no longer take fear based decisions and take positive actions driven by your passion.


Hello !! I am Nupur Bhatnagar, a professional coach with a background in Software Engineering. I work with engineers and professionals to unleash their true potential and live a more fulfilling life. I have a masters in Computer Science from University of Minnesota, MBA from Northeastern University, Boston and training from Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). In the past decade of my career, I have worked with several MNCs as a software professional.

Few yeas back, I reached a stage in my life where some personal life challenges triggered me to go on a journey of self discovery. I discovered my passion, my strengths, found my inner peace, worked on my challenges and transformed myself. I embraced my passion of helping others and in last couple of years have coached engineers, women and held multiple workshops on emotional intelligence and finding  inner strength and happiness.

Coaching is a self refection and action oriented process that starts with an inner desire from you to take your life to the next level. It is an opportunity to redesign your life and grow. Usually the coaching relationship starts with a complimentary session which helps you get a taste of coaching and how it can help you craft your life. The initial few sessions revolves around building trust and discussing your goals, vision.  The sessions empower you and bring clarity to your thought process. The coach asks empowering, solution oriented questions to brainstorm your challenges and inner blocks and inspire you to search options and answers for yourself. The coaching sessions usually involves self reflection and future oriented exercises. Coaching sessions can be conducted either face to face, Skype or on phone depending on clients geographical location and preference. 

 My coaching methodology uses a combination of analytical, non judgmental and visionary techniques that will help you think clearly about your goals, aspirations, what you really want in your life. Once we have a clear picture of goals, I will work with you on challenging the fear of the unknown, creating action plans, holding you accountable and make your vision a reality.

“I recently engaged Nupur as a coach and I found tremendous value in her ability to guide me through a process of self discovery. She helped me find new meaning and direction in my personal and professional life. Nupur is uniquely talented as a coach in that she has the ability to listen beyond the words. I highly recommend Nupur as a coach for anyone who might be struggling with finding deeper meaning and purpose in their life. “
— MARK J, CEO (TRO Jung|Brannen)
I found my session with Nupur to be extremely valuable. She was able to astutely assess my concerns and recommend concrete, tractable steps I could take to improve my situation. Nupur’s background as a former software engineer gives her particular insight into the issues that engineers face in their careers and personal lives, and her talent and passion as a coach were evident during our conversation. If you find yourself facing challenges in your professional or personal life (and who isn’t?), I strongly recommend seeking out Nupur’s coaching services.